Using Public Relations to Help Small Businesses and SMB’s Become Big Businesses


Using Public Relations to Help Small Businesses and SMB’s Become Big Businesses

When you think of running your small or medium-sized business, you may not consider using “public relations.” Usually, when most of us hear those two words we think of campaigns for huge companies, or steps that are taken when things go wrong. What many small to medium-sized (otherwise known as “SMB”) business owners may not realize is that this thing called public relations is actually designed to help them grow.

What is “Public Relations”?

Public relations, simply put, is providing broad third-party (meaning not from you or your site) visibility of your products or your company, and it is the most important promotional investment a business owner can make.

Unfortunately though, these days most PR firms cater only to the largest companies with the biggest budgets. But it’s the small to medium businesses that need their help the most. Truthfully, it’s the only way such companies are going to experience true growth.

Look at it like this: marketing communications – sales, promotional pieces, company blogs, promotional articles and the like – make a strong statement for your product, service or company. But in the mind of the reader, they also have a major drawback – they originate from the maker of that product or the provider of that service.

Why is PR important for small business owners and SMBs?

That is why PR is so important. When a potential customer or client reads an article, review or social network comment that did not originate with your company, it acts as a third-party endorsement. After all, a customer is more likely to listen to what their neighbor or best friend has to say about a product, rather than the manufacturer of that product.

By investing in public relations, you can carry your messages to a much broader audience than standard dry marketing communications – and for a fraction of the cost.

When PR is done right, your firm, your product, your message is getting out to more and more people on a daily basis. Using tools such as social media platforms, videos, and traditional media, a PR firm can take a small company and bring it into the big leagues