Corporate, Product and Service Awareness Package

Utilizing all possible PR tools at our disposal, we greatly increase public awareness of your company, its products and services.

When a potential customer or client reads an article, review or social network comment that did not originate with your company, it acts as a third-party endorsement. PR activities drive the public to find out more about your product or service. Your marketing communications then pay off, greatly  assisted by the third-party viewpoints that public relations activities provide.

Investment in public relations also carries your messages to a much broader audience than marketing communications—for a fraction of the cost. Just compare the considerable expense of an ad or mailing reaching thousands, to an article or review that reaches hundreds of thousands or millions of readers. Not only can that third-party viewpoint not be purchased, that type of advertising coverage is usually only affordable by corporations with substantial budgets.

At Toumayan Group we utilize our considerable communication and media relations experience to increase public awareness of your company and its products. The specific tools and methods used are:

  • Strategic and Product Launch Campaigns
  • News Releases
  • Media Product Reviews
  • Product or Corporate Awards
  • Story Placement in Media
  • Case Studies Performed by Media
  • Coordination and Utilization of Social Media

This package is obtained on a retainer basis. Please contact us for a quote on your Corporate, Product/Service Awareness Package.