PR: The Best Possible Return On Investment

Marketing communications—sales, promotional pieces, company blogs, promotional articles and the like—make a strong statement for your product, service or company. But in the mind of the reader, they have a drawback: they originate from the maker of that product or the provider of that service. For that reason, marketing communications alone cannot elevate a product or service into the “big leagues.”

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Why Toumayan Group?

Public relations, providing broad “third-party” visibility, is the most important promotional investment a company can make. Yet oddly most PR firms cater only to the largest companies with the biggest budgets—when it’s the small to medium businesses that need it the most. Factually, it’s the only way such companies are going to experience true growth.

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Free PR Competitive Analysis

Toumayan Group is offering a free analysis of your company’s media coverage. This analysis will provide a clear view of where your current PR efforts stand in comparison to your competitors.

The analysis includes: 

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Our mission: To bring about the broadest possible--and specifically correct--media coverage for your company, products and service

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